Tell me three things you did right, three things you learned, and three things you would do differently. – Ann Trason

My coach, Ann, had suggested I start doing “race reports” on my long runs describing three things I did right, learned, and would do differently.

“Why?” I asked, “It’s not a race.”

“It’s good practice.” Well, okay then.

Dog Meat and the Kennedy Rollers

I went down to San Jose to do repeats of the Priest Rock, Kennedy, and Limekiln Trails that form mile 19 to 30 of the Quicksilver 100k course. As if doing that once during the race wasn’t enough I decided to attempt 3 repeats (33 miles) but I had my fill of “Dog Meat”, the Kennedy rollers, and the heat after two. I cut the run down to 27 miles and 2-1/2 loops.

“Dog Meat” during the Quicksilver 100k race. The plan: 3 repeats of this climb. The outcome: 2.5.

Three Things I Did Right

  1. Chose a route that contained one long climb and one long descent to try to simulate the longer sustained climbs and descents of Pine to Palm.
  2. I have read that heat is a possible factor at P2P so it was good to have to deal with it.
  3. I was much more on top of nutrition than the long run I did at Big Basin the weekend before.

Three Things I Learned

  1. I’m pretty good with heat but I’m not immune to its effects.
  2. Doing repeating loops gets really hard to do as fatigue and monotony set in, especially when you are by yourself.
  3. After 6 hours I felt intense hunger and was so happy when I realized I had brought fresh pineapple with me. It was cold, easy to eat in the heat, and filling.

Three Things I Would Do Differently

  1. Start dowsing with water earlier and more often than I did. I waited too long and felt the effects of the heat on the last loop.
  2. Bring bug spray. The buzzing around my ears made me crazy.
  3. Bring ice. I had chemical packs to keep food/liquid cold but not much ice for me to actually use.

The Stats

Sierra Azul
27 miles. 7,090 feet of gain.


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