For the TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) crowd – a companion piece to the long-form article. This is more nuts and bolts, less wacky storytelling.

Sunset at Smoke Bluffs.

Three Things I Did Right
1. Maintained a really strong, focused power hike on every climb.
2. Kept taking in calories even when I wasn’t feeling very well.
3. Once the race started I stayed positive, kept my mood swings in check, and thanked the volunteers profusely.

Three Things I Learned
1. Hard candies can save you. When my gut was not feeling well I resorted to Jolly Ranchers. It was like an IV drip of calories.
2. In a car, you accelerate through the turn. For me, it was accelerate down the fall line. I felt more in control that way.
3. It seems really long days I can handle as long as I can get some sleep. I’m functional with 6 hours.

Three Things I Would Do Differently
1. No matter what I’m doing the day before a race, try to keep to a regular eating schedule. I think my body didn’t adjust to eating at such odd times.
2. Calm the fear demon.
3. Looked around more. I was so focused on surviving this race that I wasn’t paying much attention to how beautiful my surroundings were.

2 thoughts on “The Threes of Squamish 50k

  1. Wow – “accelerate down the fall line” sounds nearly lethal but, if you are brave enough to try it, sounds about right. (I’m not nearly brave enough, but you clearly took that advice and, well, ran with it!)

    If you were as slow as me and lugged a camera around with you, you wouldn’t miss the surroundings. (You might not finish either though.)

    1. Who knows, this might have been one of those once in a life time, planets aligned sort of things and I’ll never be able to do a repeat performance. lol

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