Ghosts: The Quicksilver 100k

I have a dubious track record with the 100k distance. The first one I did was Miwok in 2012. If two legs that work means 100% then I was going in at 50. I got pulled from the race after missing a cut-off. The second one was Bryce in 2013. It played out like some otherworldly dream sequence when I developed Acute Mountain Sickness after mile 10 and dragged my ailing body to the finish line in 30:43. Really, 30+ hours. Considering how things had gone in the lead up to Quicksilver I wondered if it would be another entertaining (for others) but ultimately disastrous (for me) experience.

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Bryce 100k Race Report

Rewind: December 12, 2012

“Have you thought about going outside of California for your 100k?”

I had just found out that I didn’t get into the 2013 edition of the Miwok 100k. There went my master plan to finally cross the finish line of the only race that I had DNF’d (Did Not Finish). I’d been injured and got pulled for missing a cut off. I wanted badly to complete my first 100k and had assumed it would be there.

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