Brazen Dirty Dozen Race Report – A New and Improved Hamster

Mix a little bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), a little bit of stupid, a little bit of hubris and a whole lot of wishful thinking. What do you get? Me, signing up for a 12 hour timed race three days before the whole thing goes down.

I had done the Brazen Dirty Dozen last year and had put it on the calendar again. But 2013 has been split in half by the Bryce 100k. I was so sure about everything that came before Bryce and completely uncertain about anything that came after it. And the Brazen race came after.

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Brazen Dirty Dozen Race Report – Hamster v1.0

Redemption in 5k Increments

ham•ster | ˈhamstər | noun – A solitary burrowing rodent with a short tail and large cheek pouches for carrying food, native to Europe and northern Asia.

As far as I can tell I’m not a solitary burrowing rodent although I do have a reputation among those in the know for tucking into astonishing amounts of food so large cheek pouches may exist but I’m not telling.

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