83 Miles of Point Reyes, Part One

The Bello 50k

I’m not sure where I’m going with this trilogy of posts. It’s not a race report. There was no race except in name only which began as a sort of joke to amuse ourselves. There are no performances to┬ádissect, no placements or lack thereof to take pride in or bemoan, and no imminent time cut-offs to fight. Just some running, exploring, and other things. These runs took place on three consecutive weekends in August.


The Bello 50k, Bear Valley Trailhead

I wasn’t feeling it. I looked at my Mt. Tam map and thought maybe I could pull something together around the Watershed. Maybe fill in the spots I hadn’t marked as done yet. But those places were few and far between. I was itching to do some serious exploring. The Big Map, the Thomas Harrison Point Reyes map that had been lying on my desk for over a year, was calling out to me. It seemed like it was time.

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